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Hisham Kharma and Ayda Al Ayoubi to Perform at IWAN Developments' Khan Jeera This Ramadan

If you feel like you haven’t quite lived up Ramadan this year, Khan Jeera in Sheikh Zayed has got you covered.

How often can you sit with yourself and fully agree that you experienced Ramadan this year to its fullest potential? We’re talking immersing yourself in the celebrations and engaging with the community around you to experience the month and its essence. You know, that feeling we get right before Ramadan is about to start; there is an indescribable aura that lingers and you just know Ramadan is here. Jeera in Sheikh Zayed is one of IWAN Developments' most prestigious compounds, and, this year, it collected the spirit of Ramadan and unleashed it in their Khan Jeera nights that begin on the 8th of June and continue through until the 22nd.

Their two-week schedule is jam-packed with suhours by celebrity chef Wessam Massoud, and seeing as it’s first in first served, you ought to make sure you’re there before all of us to get all the food! In addition to exquisite food - which is why we’ll be there to be honest, there’s going to be a Playstation lounge, a massive screen for your mosalsalat, bicycle rides by 3agal Masr, a soccer tournament for both kids and adults, and so much more entertaining and fitness activities. Some massive performances are in store for us as well with the likes of Hisham Kharma, who is well known for his ingenious Egyptian folk-infused melodies. And for the kids, Fagnoun camp will have them involved in Ramadan decoration making, Ramadan choral singing, challenging games, drum circles, and even crafts, like pottery and drawing on glass.

In addition to all of this, Khan Jeera will also be taking part in the ‘Pick a Street’ Foundation, which not only showcases young talent, but also raises money for children in need. So you’re out having fun and it's all for a good cause.
On its special opening night on Thursday the 8th, Khan Jeera invited the one and only Aida El Ayoubi to perform because nothing screams Ramadan vibes more than El Ayoubi’s mellow tunes! Make sure you call 01066648739 to reserve your place to catch El Ayoubi and Kharma on Thursdays before places run out. We warned you!

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