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Horror Flick 'Al-Harith', Starring Ahmad Al Fishawy and Yasmin Raeis, to Hit Shahid Before Cinemas

‘Al-Harith’ is the newest Egyptian horror flick to be released online on Shahid VIP three months ahead of its cinematic release.

Hitting streaming platform Shahid on August 13th, ‘Al-Harith’ is the newest Egyptian horror flick to be released online ahead of its cinematic release. The new film boasts a very long list of stars including Ahmad Al Fishawy, Yasmin Raies, Asmaa Galal, Amr AbdelGelil, Asmaa Aboul Yazeed, and Bassem Samra.

The film will be available on Shahid VIP exclusively for a period of three months before dropping on to the box office. The plot follows a married couple played by Al Fishawy and Raeis during their honeymoon, where they experience supernatural events at the hands of a spirit who is looking for a bride.

Directed by Mohamed Nader and written by Mohamed Abdel Khalek, the plot also follows the individual experiences of the star-studded cast such as Asmaa Galal’s character, who is a recovering drug addict, and Amr Abdel Gelil’s character, who suffers a large scam which flips his life upside down.