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I Have Sensitive Digestion: Cairo's Latest Exhibit is Right Over Your Head

This exhibition by three Swiss artists has Mashrabia Gallery goers staring at the ceiling.

When someone says “I have sensitive digestion”, a lot of things may come to mind, but of them, none would be art. That’s about to change because three Swiss artists have collaborated to hold a creative exhibition titled just that.

The I Have Sensitive Digestion exhibition, which opened at Mashrabia Gallery on July 2nd and will run till July 13th, features the works of Alessandra Respini, Lorenz Rieser and Jan Bachmann. This isn’t just any exhibition though; I Have Sensitive Digestion will take you on an upside down and wonderfully peculiar journey.

As opposed to simply walking around an exhibition and viewing the installations on the walls, visitors are equipped with a box of mirrors and a map, because the artwork isn’t on the walls, or the ground, or even a table; it’s on the ceiling.

If you’re looking for a fun, unconventional dose of art, this is the place to go.

Check out some of the collection below.