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Iran's Not-So Modern Family

Remaking hit American TV show, Modern Family, Iran's version has a few things missing...

Modern Family is a television sensation enjoyed by millions around the World. However for some countries, the idea of a modern family accepting homosexual family members has resulted in it being banned from certain places. Looking to capitalise on the show's success without the gays and with 100% more hijabs is Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting TV channel has rewritten US sitcom Modern Family replacing Mitch and Cam, the gay dads on the American version, with a straight couple. The networks remake entitled Haft Sang, which translate to Seven Stones, is nearly identical, frame for frame, with the original. The only other changes that were written into the script where changing a few character's genders in circumstances dealing with pre-marital mixing between men and women. 

To prove how much of rip-off the show is to its original, a fan has kindly put together a video showing both shows side by side exposing the plagiarism.