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Kahareb: Your Go-To Venue Locator for Art Events

Whether you want to host an exhibition or a workshop, or even hold a photo shoot, new online platform Kahareb's database has all the details to help you locate the venue that's best for you.

Kahareb had us all excited as we navigated through their extremely well-designed, elaborate, and detailed database, which offers a one-of-a-kind service in Egypt. Kahareb uses an advanced filtering system to help you find the ideal venue for any type of event you're considering putting on in Cairo. Whatever event you're looking to hold, this nifty little enterprise makes your life infinitely easier. 

Blown away by their database, we had to get in touch with Mina Girgis, the Executive Director behind the brilliance and ask him a few questions about this ultimate venue-scouting service.

First of all, introduce your concept to us.

Kahareb is an online database of Egypt-based spaces, venues, and facilities suitable for performances, classes, workshops, auditions, rehearsals, special events, and more. This platform is meant to help artists and arts managers to find the spaces and resources they need in order to produce their work. 

Give us a little history about your place, founders, and history.

When I was starting the Nile Project in 2011, I noticed that it was difficult to find venues for residencies and concerts. Space owners and operators face similar challenges in publicising their venues. So I saw a clear need to create a free platform where both parties can interface. 

Is it easy finding venues in Cairo, or Egypt as a whole, or is it challenging? In regards to permits and licenses, what do you allow and not allow, or what will you cater to, in terms of types of events?

Finding venues in Cairo depends on the breadth of your network and your experience with the art scene in the city. Cairo is very big city and even most Cairenes are not familiar with all of its neighbourhoods. Most of the arts community knows little beyond their beaten path of Downtown and Zamalek. And if you’re new to Cairo, let alone Egypt, you’ll need to spend a long time asking acquaintances and friends until you develop this local knowledge. Kahareb is a database that is meant to help facilitate user searches. As long as the advertised uses are legal, we don’t enforce restrictions on user searches.

What can your clientele expect from you once they book a venue? Is that where your role ends?

Kahareb is a searchable database. Website visitors will need to contact the venues directly to book them. Kahareb is not involved in any agreements between parties. Our role ends once you contact the venue, even before you book it. 

Where did you find the inspiration or get the idea to create this business?

As an Egyptian music producer, I am interested in supporting Egypt-based artists and musicians to achieve their artistic potential. Kahareb is one way to facilitate this artistic development by providing artists with one of their most basic needs: a space to make their art. 

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working within the Egyptian market?

Egypt is rich with artistic and cultural traditions. There is a lot of art coming from Egypt even though there are many logistical and policy-based challenges for artists to produce their work. And there are many opportunities for arts entrepreneurs to improve Egypt's artistic infrastructure through solutions such as Kahareb. 

How do you see things evolving for you in the next few years?

We just launched a simple stripped down version of Kahareb in order to test its usability and its value to Egyptian artists and arts managers. Once we validate our model, we hope to raise additional funds in order to add additional features and expand the scope to other countries beyond Egypt.

Are there any events you won’t accept? Where do you draw the line? How do you pick your clients?

Kahareb doesn't advertise events. Kahareb promotes spaces that are available for artistic purposes. 

It doesn't matter what type of event you are planning to host, Kahareb is willing to local and accommodate an unprecedentedly wide array of event venues.

Join the Kahareb Facebook page here, or visit their elaborate website here, if you're looking to make a booking ASAP.