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Letterlust’s Fun Pharaoh are the Cutest Pins We’ve Ever Seen

This recently wed Egyptian couple’s Brighton-based graphic design studio, Letterlust, produces Fun Pharaoh - a set of adorable little Egypt-themed pins.

Stationary enthusiasts, business partners and couple Rana El Gohary and Saif El Bendari are sharing their graphic design know-how and love of Egyptian heritage with the world through Fun Pharaoh, one of the cutest new line of souvenirs we’ve seen yet. The Brighton-based Egyptian couple co-run Letterlust, a graphic design studio and gift shop where they combine Rana’s graphic design skills and Saif’s business savvy.

“For thousands of years ancient Egyptians have used colours widely in their artefacts," El Bendari told CairoScene. "This was the inspiration behind our designs. The concept is to create Egyptian souvenirs that are fun and modern.”

Fun Pharaoh is best described as a spunky, minimal, and colourful reimagining of the traditional Egyptian souvenirs you would find at a local gift shop. It’s like flexing your national history but with added pizzazz and a touch of modern design. And we’re absolutely living for these adorbs little pins.

The couple took to crowdfunding as a means to kickstart their new project, and have so far been able to collect 960 Euros out of their 1,000 Euro goal. “'Fun Pharaoh' is our first line of products," Rana El Gohary said. "After years of talking about it, quarantine was the best time to get it done. We weren't sure how people would receive the project so we wanted to test the waters before we dive into production. In the first week we collected 95% of our goal which was a huge and pleasant surprise.”

To help them reach the remainder of their goal, head to