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Luxor Film Festival Back in Action

Now in its third edition, the Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival returns on January 24th, with a top notch jury and a promise of being bigger than ever.

The Valley of the Kings will have reason to get glamed up as the Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival will be returning from the 24th to the 31st of January.

Entering their third edition, the Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival looks to keep the momentum building for their biggest festival yet. Organised by the Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts with help from Egyptian Ministry of Culture as well as public and private organisations in Egypt and Europe, the Luxor Egyptian & European Film aims to showcase the finest films directed by both Egyptian and Europeans.

More than a film festival, the event plans to open a dialogue about actualising projects in the cinematic fields, and will be presenting several awards hoping to attract Egyptian and European directors to the festival while establishing a new film-enthusiastic audience in Upper Egypt.

Once upon a time, upper Egypt was equipped with several theatres and a devoted audience who appreciated good cinema. Sadly, as the decades passed theatres begin to vanish, and in effort to save movie theatres from complete extinction the Luxor Egyptian & European festival hopes to reintroduce culture-rich cinema that transcends all borders with an eclectic schedule films that include entries from UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Austria among others. Already generating buzz is Amir Ramses' entry entitled Cairo Time, which stars Nour el-Sharif alongside of plethora of notable Egyptian actors.

Heading the jury is none other than French director Yves Boisset and sitting on the diverse jury is; Belgrade film festival director Dragan Marinkovic from Serbia, Germany Film Critic Eberhard Spreng, Greece Producer Eleni Kossyfidou, Egyptian director Hala Lotfy, Norwegian actress Janne Heltberg, and Egyptian cinematic legend, Lebleba.

With a jury comprised of plenty of film industry leaders, the Luxor Egyptian & European Film Festival promises to be tight competition with plenty of surprises. It is no secret that Luxor is a mystical city filled with wonder, but starting next week it will be filled with stars that should give a boost to both historical and cultural tourism.

For more information please visit their website.