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Luxor's First Ever Contemporary Art Gallery Opens This November

Showcasing creations of local and international artists, Luxor Art Gallery is giving a lifeline to the city's contemporary art scene.

Luxor art gallery

As one of Egypt’s most historical areas, Luxor is a treasure trove of temples and artifacts that tell tales of another time. It’s no surprise then, that some of the country’s most talented artists are emerging from a gem that is filled with inspiration at every turn, from its historical monuments, to its beautiful greenery. Shedding light on these talents, is the most recently inaugurated Luxor Art Gallery, set to open its door on the banks of Luxor in November.

The Luxor Art Gallery is showcasing the works of both local talents and non-local artists who've found their inspiration within the city's beauties. 

The grand opening exhibition, which will be on the 10th of November is set to feature 19 artists, including some of Luxor’s most sought after talents, the likes of Alaa Awad, Ali Hassaan, Yousra Hafad, Ahmed Saber, Brian Flynn, Wael Nour, and Shaza Khalid, among others.

Coming as an initiative aiming to provide a platform for Upper Egyptian contemporary artists, the gallery looks to place these artists under the spotlight and gives them an outlet into global recognition. As Luxor is already a popular destination among tourists, the gallery’s location in the birthplace of the world's civilisation, is optimal to showcasing local contemporary artists.The gallery will also be putting Luxor back on the map as a cultural destination that celebrates both its past and its future in showcasing its contemporary talents as well as taking pride in their monuments from a time foregone.

Luxor, which already boasts of its own art school at the South Valley University, does not yet have any galleries for local artists to showcase their works as well as to display them to those coming in from all over the world to experience the city.

These artists draw the inspiration of their works from having been bred in Luxor or having come and fallen in love with its heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Check out some of the pieces which will be displayed at the opening: