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Maria Darwish: For Art's Sake

Farah Karim meets Maria Darwish, the multi-discipline artist that's been colouring our timelines with a plethora of styles and vibes.

Instagram is a social media platform that is filled with pictures and videos of personal experiences and moments, but also a lot of hidden treasures like young artists who are still studying or yet to make a name for themselves. If you've ever come across her profile, you'd find everything artsy that exists in this world and worlds beyond it on Maria Darwish's page. From paintings and clay figures, to doodles and magnificent photographs, Maria Darwish has managed not only to capture our attention with her vibrant feed, but also want to grab the nearest pencil and embrace our inner artist.

"I've been drawing since forever, I can't even remember how I started," Darwish speaks of her talent. "My mum had always bought me finger paints and took the time to actually do this with me, which grew my passion for art ever since I was an infant." At the time, there was no technology, so one can pretty much imagine the time dedicated to creating colourful drawings that grew, with the person, to become masterpieces with time. "I started to realise how observant I am towards my surroundings, which helped me see the beauty of everything around us we are usually ignorant to, " she says. "I started expressing myself through painting, and get all my emotions out on canvas or a piece of paper - positive or negative." Mesmerised by colors, most of her pieces feel like they're cut straight off a rainbow.

"I am truly inspired by the things people don't often notice, like the different shades of colors in clouds; they carry grey and white and blue and seeing that sort of opened my eyes to a whole new dimension I'm still exploring. It allows me to see the world in a different way and therefore paint what I see with more creativity than ever," she continues. "Time got very tight at highschool, but I always kept little sketchbooks, where I doodled or sketched a small something every single day to practice both drawing and creativity," says the 20-year old AUC student.

"I believe that all forms of art are connected one way or another, and I appreciate every single one of them. It's a way of self-expression, and I experimented with everything; music, painting, photography and even film. But at the end, I chose to study architecture, because it combines science and art. It is an combination of ideas and structures... Structures that dont only serve a functional purpose, but are indeed a form of expression on a very large scale. Architecture can tell stories, capture imaginations and inspire those who look into the buildings, the ones that admire their surroundings," she concludes.

It's important to have people around a person who encourage their talents and help them grow and flourish, like Darwish's artistic family background. But even without that, the passion for something can drive even the biggest obstacles away, if a person sets a goal and follows it through. Dedication, talent and passion are pillars every artist needs to bloom in their field - and it all starts when a hobby turns into a reason to get up in the morning. 

Colour your timeline with vibrant little creations and stay updated with Darwish's art through Instagram.