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Massimo Carnevale: Film & Art

Wael Khairy introduces us to the incredibly talented Italian illustrator and his contributions to preserving some of the best known scenes in history.

Massimo Carnevale is a gifted Italian illustrator and comic book artist.  Not much is known about the artist. The guy is a total mystery, and it’s almost impossible to find a picture of the guy. I can't say the same about his work, for it has flooded film blogs for years. Cinephiles passionately follow his illustrations, eagerly awaiting his next masterpiece to appear online. Carnevale knows his movies; better yet, he knows how to portray an exact shot to perfectly encapsulate the feel of a film. Without further ado, the most sublime film-inspired art you'll ever see: 


Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
2001 A Space Odyssy
A Clockwork Orange
American Beauty
Blade Runner
Eyes Wide Shut
Jesse James
Kill Bill Vol 2
Last of the Mohicans
Let the Right One In
Lost in Translation
Moonrise Kingdom
My Blueberry Nights
Once Upon a Time in the West
Pan's Labyrinth
Pulp Fiction
Resevoir Dogs
Silence of the Lambs
Some Like it Hot
Taxi Driver
The Great Dictator
The Pianist
The Shining
Toy Story 3
True Romance
Twin Peaks
Where the Wild Things Are
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?