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Meet the 9 Egyptian Artists Presenting at Milan’s Mediterranea Biennale

Now in its 30th edition, and taking place as part of the Milan Expo 2015, the Mediterranea Biennale welcomes some amazing Egyptian artists this year...

As Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale gears up to begin next October 22nd in Italy, nine Egyptian artists, from poets to painters and musicians will represent the land of Pharaohs among 300 world talents in the framework of the acclaimed Milano Expo 2015.  

The event, an international multidisciplinary occasion that gathers artists under 35 from 17 countries is this year celebrating its 30th edition under the theme “No food’s land,” The artists representing Egypt were selected by the Atelier of Alexandria, a group of artists and writers established in 1935.

In Music, Alexandria-based Progressive Rock band MaQuaM will be presenting their singles. The band was formed in 2013 aiming to create a new genre in the Egyptian music scene mixing the Original-Oriental Scales with Progressive Rock/Metal music with Arabic and English lyrics.

In Literature, two poets will read their poems: Mohamed Elmesalami will present ”The story is that she”, dedicated to the soul of the great musician Tchaikovsky, and one of his latest poems “Today”; while Nehal Ghanem will present three poems of different titles and themes, all revolving around the idea of departure between a couple or two friends: “Dark Eyes”, “Cleaning the mess” and “Behind the Foggy glass”.

In Visual Arts, five artists will present their works: Israa Elnaggar and Ahmed Mohsen will show their “Curfew”, while Kamal Elfeki will show his installation “Dmocracy” expressing the feeling of a group of people who could make a difference but eventually take individual choices. Amir Youssef will present his installation “Useless machine”, a kinetic sculpture made of three easy-to-assemble parts, while Yasmine Elmeleegy will present her installation “Fever”, created after the artist entered one of the Fever Hospital in Abbasseya, after having been infected by Malaria in Ghana. Her experience resembled a nightmare that has resounded into her thoughts although it was passing through her real life because she was extremely ill.

The event will take place at Fabbrica del Vapore, 4 Procaccini Street, in Milan, Italy, from October 22nd to October 25th.