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New Agreements Put Local Handicrafts Front & Centre at Airports & Muse

Local artisans will soon have their crafts to be displayed and sold at museums and airports, as part of a nationwide effort to open the market for them.

Local artisans are having their handicrafts prominently displayed at Egyptian airports and museums, as part of a national push to promote their products and open up the market for them within local industries.

An academy for handicrafts and a new craftsmen’s syndicate are also in the works, in the hopes that they will help solidify artisanship as a form of formal employment and provide institutional training, as opposed to informal apprenticeship.

There are also talks with ExpoLink, an exportation company, to sell local crafts products abroad. On a local level, the ministry has started with expanding the annual Diarna Handicrafts Exhibition (which is currently live) into more cities including Minya, Assiout, Alexandria, and Luxor.