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New Egyptian Reality Webseries Tackles All the Motherhood Problems No One Talks About

Dear moms, we know your kids put you through situations no one can even fathom. Ola Roshdy is making a whole webseries about it, starting with head lice.

Actress and mother Ola Roshdy, 36, is one of the realest women to hit Egyptian screens. We first took note of her in the sitcom Tamer W Shaw2eya, where she played Tamer's resentful crazy ex-gilrfriend. Then we began seeing her in more comedy roles that seem to suit her fierce nature. Something about her is just so badass, and she definitely knows how to put herself out there. In 2010, she married Segn El Nesa and Grand Hotel star Ahmed Daoud, and they had children. Now, you can all imagine how difficult it would be to manage a home while you're a stay-at-home parent - imagine doing it as an actress with demanding work hours.

So, she does as all mothers do in situations where they are being pressured by life - she takes on a new project and a bigger role. Roshdy has been releasing bits and pieces of information about her new webseries, Weghet Mazar – a clever wordplay on the expression 'weghet nazar', which means point of view. The twist? Mazar, a.k.a mother. The series is entirely from the point of view of a young and working mother who navigates the struggles she endures and has to somehow solve and overcome everyday. You can imagine how many incidents happen a day - from heads getting stuck in places, to not wanting to eat your food, to all of them ending with unstoppable tantrums. Give the first episode a watch to fully understand what we're talking about. This one is about when your kids contract head lice in school. If we can figure anything out from this episode, it's that kids are harder to deal with than head lice. The series, according to Roshdy, started when she first became a mother and did not know what to do to bond with her daughter. Little by little, she began taking videos of them together, singing in the car and having fun at home. By the time she had a second child, the videos continued and gained her a lot of followers on Instagram.

The series will follow different problems that happen to all mothers but people are too afraid to talk about - like, you know, head lice. It's going to be all about the struggle, and how to somehow make peace with it. In a way, we believe this may be one of the many ways to console young mothers who will always feel like they're not doing a good enough job, or who are absolutely clueless and need to know how to go about doing things. It'll be definitely be of great help to those women because, as Roshdy labels it, it's a reality series.

We can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. As the series is uploaded every week on her YouTube channel, sit back and watch. Some of us will relate and look back and laugh, and some of us will cringe at how our lives will change when the little ones come along.

Watch Ola Roshdy's crazy shenanigans as a mom on her YouTube channel.