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Nikon Singapore Photoshop Scandal Gets An Egyptian Twist

Nikon Singapore recently awarded a prize to photographer Chay Yu Wei for capturing a perfect image of a plane in mid-air framed by a ladder, which then turned out to be a poorly Photoshopped photograph. We decided to recreate his Photoshopped shot and put our own Egyptian spin on it...

Photographer Chay Yu Wei was recently congratulated by Nikon Singapore on capturing a "perfect shot"n Chinatown, featuring an airplane in midair framed by a set of ladders. However, upon further inspection this perfect image was soon exposed as a bad Photoshop job with a white box around the plane, and the internet instantly exploded. We've decided to put our own Egyptian twist on the photos and share them with you!

 Original Photo

Ekte2ab 3al selem

It's plane! It's a bird! No, it's a flying Tok Tok!

3ataba, 3ataba, 3ataba!
Say whaaaat?