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#PhotoFromHome is Gyptian’s Online Photography Campaign Promoting Creativity in Quarantine

The campaign – which carries the slogan ‘art will not be quarantined’ – reiterates that art should not be limited even during times when everything else seems to be.


Artists are at a loss with the world and disillusioned by all that comes before them at the best of times, let alone with the addition of a looming global pandemic – it’s just ‘part of their process’. With the Corona lockdown putting life as we know it on the backburner, a new social media campaign is urging photographers to shake off their self-imposed angst and get creative during the quarantine. Local photography and art platform, Gyptian, has launched #PhotoFromHome, calling on photographers from every corner of the country to post their photos online with the hashtag for a chance to be featured by Gyptian on their social media platforms.

Rules? There’s just one: do your thing. The platform is urging photographers of any experience and skill level to think outside of the proverbial box, despite being stuck in a physical one.

To join the campaign, post your photography (ensuring that your profile is public) on Instagram or Facebook, and make sure to include #PhotoFromHome in the caption for a chance to be chosen as part of the platform’s ‘Weekly Picks’.

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