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Port Said Picked as Egypt's Capital of Culture for 2021

As this year's Capital of Culture, a series of over 100 events and festivities will take place throughout Port Said starting from September 9th.

Egypt has named Port Said as the ‘Capital of Culture’ for 2021 as part of a partnership between the Ministry of Culture and the Port Said governorate. A series of over 100 events and festivities will take place throughout the governorate for the remainder of the year, starting from September 9th.

Musical ensembles from the Cairo Opera House will kick things off this Thursday, September 9th, and Friday, September 10th, with evening performances of live music and dance at Port Said’s Culture Centre Theatre (if you love Disney songs, this would be the place to be).

Over the next few months, an assortment of theatre, music, singing performances, film screenings, book fairs, exhibitions, seminars and workshops - including those for traditional crafts, poetry, art, story and more - will take over Port Said’s various cultural centres and public spaces.

The host of festivities, which were postponed from 2020 following COVID-19 restrictions, will also be accompanied by a series of cultural integration programmes seeking to bring the architectural and urban history of Port Said and the Suez Canal to children and adults in the governorate’s border areas.