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Psynai Deco: A New Form of Installation Art Has Landed In Egypt

A team of talented artists have been adorning their events with UV decorations for some time now, and as more people kept asking about it they decided: why not offer it to the public? Hence Psynai Deco was born!

Psynai Deco is the result of a bunch of desert dwelling artists specialising in UV decorations, recycled art, and 3D projection mapping. Applying their art to their parties in Sinai, they have created so many unique designs that every time you go to one of their parties - even if it's at the same venue - you feel like you've teleported to a new land filled with dream catchers, sacred geometry shapes, UV decorations, and fluorescent lycra installations. The results? Intense! One time you're in a spaceship, the other a psychedelic forest - even a simple DJ booth can be transformed into a wonderful art exhibition.Decorative arts have been around for centuries; from the days of the ancients - whether Egyptians or Mayans - traces of decorative art have been found. Since then and to this day, people have been using art to decorate their places of ceremony, and with every type of ceremony comes a different theme and a customised installation. This is the same ethos adopted by Psynai Deco. The guys behind the concept understand that, for every event and celebration, a different type of decoration is needed.

Working in both indoor and outdoor settings, from Psy-Trance parties to Deep House and Techno parties, these guys have the experience needed under their belts to deliver an outstanding outcome on every project they undertake and have proven so in their previous works.

Although this type of decoration is not new to the world, Egypt has not seen the widespread use that Europe and the U.S have seen in the past years. All of that is about to change. Before, the boys at Psynai Deco were only doing their own events; however, as more people kept asking for their work, they decided to start a small venture where anyone can have their own party decorated by these very talented artists.

It doesn't matter whether you're throwing a small or big celebration, they do custom installations for all kinds of events. Musical genre will not matter either as they have created the decor for parties with music ranging from Psy-Trance to live bands. Birthdays and weddings, although a bit unorthodox, would benefit greatly from such decorations as they are unique and will give guests the feel that they have travelled through space and time to an unknown realm. You know, if you're into that kind of thing. 

We ourselves are considering getting them to install UV and Fluro decorations around the office to celebrate our move to the GrEEK Campus downtown - to add some trippy vibes to our office obviously.

If, like us, you're already psyched about this new type of decoration art and would like to find out more information, check out their Facebook page here.

Main image courtesy of Kareem Mourad.