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Qabila Comes Back

An annual event that gathers young filmmakers from all over the world to show their works, share their experiences and learn from each other is back in Cairo next month.

Contrary to popular belief, short films are not feature films that suffer from premature ejaculation. They are a great way for aspiring directors to begin their cinematic journey and test their skills and storytelling capabilities on a limited budget.

In that spirit, the Qabila Short Film Festival, inaugurated last year, aims to be a platform to expose, incubate and develop young talents around the region and beyond. Their second edition is taking place from 4th – 10th May, 2014.  

Keep an eye out for the short films that will be screened this year, as this festival is only getting bigger and better. The first round already received 260 submissions from 20 different countries so this edition is bound to be competitive and diverse. Here are the shorts that made an impact last year:

They can be watched on Qabila’s official YouTube Channel.

For more information on the upcoming second edition, visit their website or their Facebook page.