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Sherihan Returns to the Screen This Ramadan (For an Ad, But Still!)

Sherihan is bringing back some Fawazeer nostalgia with a new advertisement this Ramadan.

After a 27-year hiatus, Fawazeer icon Sherihan is making an epic comeback to the small screen this Ramadan. It’s for an ad, ok, but it still counts.

The last time we saw her on TV during Ramadan, Sherihan presented a Fawazeer episode titled ‘Hagat w Mehtagat’ in 1994. The last time she showed up on the big screen was in 2002 alongside the late actor Farouk al-Fishawy in ‘El Eshk W El Dam’.

Now, she’s making a mini-appearance in a telecommunications ad in which we hear she’s going to be recounting all things nostalgic and bringing back a little of her 1001 Nights-style Fawazeer magic. Are you excited?