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Shok-ing Graffiti

We stumbled upon a remarkable graffiti artist known as Shok-1. Inspired by his own bones, he's been leaving his mark on Cairo's street...

Graffiti has been steadily flourishing in Cairo since the aftermath of the January 25 revolution. However the street art form has been around a lot longer that. Take the example of Shok-1, a notorious graffiti artist who has left his aerosol mark all over the world for three decades.

After playing with various styles that were mainly focused on illustrations and caricatures, the England-born artist, inspired by his own bones, finally found his own style that definitively sets him apart from all the other artists.


Inspired by X-rays, Shok-1 has taken to replicating glowing bone X-rays with remarkable detail and vibrant colours on city walls. The translucent quality of his work is exceptionally identical to actual X-rays and requires a meticulous technique he created on his own. As his work evolved Shok-1 began adding fluorescence and rainbow effects to his bones giving them a new life.

Shok-1's work can be found all over the globe, so chances are if you see some X-ray bones gracing the walls of Cairo, then Shok-1 has been in our hood.