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Shorelines Festival Returns to Alamaza Bay for One-Day Showcase

Taking place on July 16th at North Coast hot-spot Almaza Bay, the line-up includes overseas stars like Limperatrice, Gerd Janson and Jaako, as well as local talent like Wold Fang Midi and Alan-K.

As the world begins returning to some kind of normal semblance of pre-Covid life, so is the party and music scene across the region. Call it coincidence, call it divine intervention, but in Egypt, it’s come right in time for the summer, and the return of Shorelines is already shaping up to be one of the biggest dates on the calendar.

The Nacelle festival is taking on a slightly different form, though, coming as a one-day showcase - life isn’t quite back to full normalcy yet, of course.

Taking place on July 16th at North Coast hot-spot, Almaza Bay, the line-up has recently been revealed, bringing us sounds from all over. Flying in from overseas are Limperatrice, Gerd Janson and Jaako Eino Kalevi, while the likes of Wold Fang Midi, Alan-K, Kidmims;, Foda and Hashem are stepping up to represent the local scene.

Plus, our private detective-level powers of deduction leads us to believe that the cheeky little ‘01’ on the poster means that this might be the first of many similar showcases to come…

Stay tuned for more info.