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Sinai's Secret Cinema

An Estonian photographer uncovers the mirage of one Frenchman's dream...

A rather unbelievable post-apocalyptic site was recently revealed by award winning Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas somehwere in the middle of the Sinai desert. As the story goes, the abandoned cinema you see was apparently the grand dream of a mysterious Frenchman who wanted to create the first film theatre in Sinai. Whether you think it's stroke of genius or a just a tad crazy, you have to admire the vision. 

He went back to Cairo, purchased the beautiful rustic chairs, a generator, a huge tractor to lift the screen into place and, we assume, a huge baggy of magic mushrooms.

With everything set in place for the premiere, he got a dose of typical Egyptian misfortune and the electricity generator was sabotaged. No movies have ever been shown there yet the cinema continues to live in the desert like a beautiful end-of-the-world movie scene.

Check out the cinema from Google maps here.