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Sip N’ Paint by the Beach at Sunset with Art Empowers’ New Workshops

Art Empower’s new beachside art classes at The G Hotel, Sip N’ Paint, is our new de-stressing method of choice.

As we’ve all come to learn over the past few months what with circumstances forcing us to fill in the time with a never-ending loop of new hobbies, little is more relaxing than putting a brush to canvas. Or hanging out at the beach. Or having a nice drink. Alright, lots of things are relaxing, and we wouldn't mind doing them all at once - you know, for maximum chill. Art Empowers has taken that concept and amped it up with a gorgeous sunset beach view at Sahel. If that's not relaxing enough for you, then frankly we can't help you.

Instructed by artist and cofounder of Art Empowers, Shaimaa Hesham, the Sip N’ Paint classes are being held in Sahel at The G Hotel right by the beachfront. “Most Sahel activities are crowded and chaotic, but the idea of sitting down for a drink and painting by the beach is the most de-stressing thing you could do,” Hesham told #CairoScene.

Held right at sunset, the painting class mixes a bit of nature’s art and your own artistic creations. “We hold it during golden hour for a beautiful view while painting,” Hesham said. Due to popular demand, Art Empowers is likely to continue the workshop concept in Cairo at the end of the summer. Their past classes have included fluid painting, pouring, and abstract art among other things. If you’re interested in signing up, head to the link in their bio to learn more.