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‘Teego Nersem Sawa’ is the Egyptian Art Movement Defying Corona in UAE

The group is made of 13 Egyptians, 1 Syrian, and 1 Iraqi, all of whom are bringing beauty through their artwork and encouraging others to share during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Based in Dubai, ‘Teego Nersem Sawa’ is the daily art initiative uniting professional artists to bring beauty into a world wrecked by the global pandemic. Made up of 13 Egyptians, one Syrian and one Iraqi artist, the initiative was kick-started by Samar Raafat, who called on her friends in the arts community to create a new piece of work during their time in quarantine and invite public submissions under their hashtag #تيجو_نرسم_سوا.

The group aims to raise funds in support of fighting the ongoing pandemic while inspiring people to use art as a means of channelling their anxiety through creative expression. “Millions of us are in lockdown in our own homes and have the chance to do things we never felt we could," Dina Khataan, an artist in the group, told CairoScene. "That alone made engagement so great. We get daily requests to join the painting crew so we decided to share the art challenge online, so that others can paint with us and share their creations.”

Many of the artists have chosen to make pieces with the novel COVID-19 virus as their subject, but submissions are not limited to any singular theme or subject. You can share your pieces under their hashtag, or through their Facebook page f/tego_nrsm_sawa, because - not to get too cheesy about it, but it's true - art is the world’s highest form of hope.