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These 41 Breathtaking Photos Show How One Egyptian Woman Aims to Boost Tourism

Nubia, Alexandria, and Cairo are among the wonderful places captured by world-renowned photographer Lamia Khalil who has taken it upon herself to help Egypt's tourism while following her passion.

Lamia Khalil is attempting to save the country on her own initiative. After quitting her job at Lufthansa, she decided to follow her passion as a professional photographer 7 years ago. Her choice couldn’t have come at a better time; after two revolutions and multiple devastating terrorist attacks, the country became a pariah in the eyes of foreign tourists. People wondered, is seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx really worth the trouble? This is the problem that Lamia is seeking to solve. Since 2010, she’s been shooting pictures everywhere in Egypt; north, south, east, and west. Lamia is not just taking any picture of Egypt though, she searches for the link between land and people and the shots of Egypt that no one else notices. 

The multiple exhibitions that her photography has been a feature in have only been a means to an end. So despite going to Berlin, Vienna, Paris, and Kuwait, it wasn’t the accolades she was after. The Tourism and Hospitality graduate knew the dire state that the tourism industry was in and knew something had to be done to promote Egypt’s image abroad; to remove the fear of coming to the Egypt.

“I’m just an individual, I’m not waiting for the Ministry of Tourism to take the initiative. I’m trying to introduce Egypt in a different way to a foreign audience and do something for my country in this difficult time”, she told us. 

Khalil just came back from Nubia, the subject of her next exhibition, which she hopes will be held in Italy and the Cairo Opera House, “Egypt has a lot of treasures in Nubia that have not been explored,” she explains. Currently, she's going through the hundreds of photos she has now because, in a couple of months, she'll be travelling again to show off her unbelievable pictures. Take a look at a few of them and tell us this doesn't look like a country you might want to visit...