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This Gorgeous Pyramid View Home in Egypt Just Got Nominated for A Prestigious International Award

The design is the perfect mixture of Coptic history and modern chic, all under the shadow of the Giza Pyramids.

Interior design in Egypt has always been about comfort, not about aesthetic. It doesn’t matter that the bright blue bean bag chair clashes with the ugly yellow carpet that your parents have had for years because the bean bag chair is comfortable AF. But that all started to change in recent years. Companies started to find new and innovative ways to incorporate Egyptian contemporary art and comfort into office spaces and homes all over Egypt. This house, designed by leading Egyptian-based architecture and interior design firm Eklego, is the perfect example of Egyptian culture infused with ultra-modern sleek designs.

This beautifully located house, designed by one of Eklego's founding partners Hedayat Islam, with a view of the Giza Pyramids is nominated for a SBID International Design Award, which is basically the equivalent of the academy award of the interior design industry.

Eklego's design philosophy is functionality and constructability meet beauty and aesthetic, and the 'House by the Pyramids' is no exception.

A uniquely Egyptian style is immediately recognisable in this home. All the floors and ceilings are covered with traditional Coptic patterns, and Pharaonic iconography. Our client really loves art and Egyptian history, and we wanted to incorporate her background and her culture into the house, especially her Coptic background. So we went out to museums to get ideas,” Hedayat Islam tells us. The entrance floor is laid out in a marble pattern of beige and white reminiscent of a pattern found on a wooden box cover inlaid with bone from a Coptic art exhibit, and that’s just one of the many elements of Coptic art that was infused into the home.

The team even incorporated recent history and some of the challenges that they faced while working on the house. Islam adds,The project took a few years, but that really made it all the more special and meaningful for us once we finish it. There were a lot of challenges, the revolution was our biggest one, and we tried to put that into the house." And so they even had a graffiti artist come and paint the word thawra (revolution) in one of the boys’ rooms. 

Egleko, in collaboration with leading construction firm Style Design, did an amazing job of subtly incorporating their client’s Coptic heritage into the details, while still keeping an overall modern feel to this home.

You can view the entire project and vote for it here.