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This Web Show for Kids Stars Baladi Versions of Fairytale Characters

The latest production by Doors Kidz follows the lives of fairytale characters who are neighbours in a Shubra building.

What would Little Red Riding Hood, the Wicked Witch of the West and Cinderella do if, instead of wandering around Germanic forests and monkey-infested alternate dimensions, they hung out right here in Egypt, in a regular apartment building down in Shubra? A new web series called 'Geran Genan' is the local production taking that premise to its logical conclusion, bringing iconic fairytale characters from magical kingdoms of yore to more familiar neighbourhoods.

Made for children aged 3 to 8 years old, 'Geran Genan' is produced by Doors Kidz, with the help of Bare Entertainment and Sitara Theatre. The kids' entertainment company also produces a show called ‘Qarqasha,’ and is committed to creating quality kids content in Arabic, filling in a void in the industry that's often dumped with infinite reruns and reboots of Ben 10 (We know some of you parents are as sick of them as we are, it’s ok, we won’t shame you like your son’s friends would).

The first episode isn’t out yet, but it is due for release on their YouTube channel within the next few days. To stay in the loop, subscribe to their channel here