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Viral Video Shows Ahmed El Sakka Heroically Preventing the Explosion of A Flipped Car

Out of all the times we wanted to meet Ahmed El Sakka, watching him try to save a crowd from a potential explosion was definitely not on our list!

Our favourite stunt actor and mafia vanquisher Ahmed El Sakka has been filmed attempting to prevent the explosion of a car that had been flipped following, what seems to be, a horrible car crash.

The footage shows an uneasy and distressed woman worrying for the safety of El Sakka as he assertively slides into the flipped car to turn off the engine. He begs the crowd to move away from the car, saying to the crowds: "Back away so no one gets hurt but me, should the car explode." A fire extinguisher was used on the car while El Sakka was inside, prompting instantaneous fright and shrieks from the crowd. El Sakka not only can save the day in his films, but in real life, too!