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Will Ferrell: a True Feminist?

Will Ferrell is planning on shaking up Hollywood and filling its gender gap starting up an all-female production company.

You may know Will Ferrell from his roles as an Anchorman, a figure skater, and even an elf, but very few know that in real life he is a bit of a feminist. Apparently, Ferrell is taking a leap from acting and setting up a production company to create purely female-driven films and TV series.

The new production company will be the sister company to the Gary Sanchez Production Company, the company responsible for producing Anchorman 2. Gary Sanchez executive Jessica Elbaum will be heading the company, and has worked with Ferrell on a number of titles in the past. Ferell told Deadline that the idea was actually Elbaum's, and was one he thought “was fantastic,” adding "She has worked with some of the great female voices in comedy and has proven herself as a gifted producer who has a keen eye for material."

The idea came to her while producing the “anti-chick flick” Bachelorette, and is an indication of the type of film that this new company will being looking to make. This new company hopes to fill in the gender gap that exists in both the film and TV industries. This is terrific news, as way too often hilarious women fall through the cracks of Hollywood because they don't fit the typical supermodel look. Hopefully this new company will usher in a new era, where women are accepted as being talented instead of just beautiful.