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YouTube Sensation AlSadany Speaks Out

We delve into the comedic genius mind of one of Egypt's favourite YouTubers and find out what inspires his hilarious edits.

It wasn’t until recently that we started to see the genius edits of Egyptian YouTuber AlSadany. From spoofs to political satire and physical comedy Al-Saadani sure knows how to get a laugh... or twenty. We sit down with the man behind the famous Tawfeek Okasha and Cookie Monster Video, and Photoshop show to discuss his inspirations, hobbies and how to go viral.

How did you get started with your videos?

In 2012, Egypt was going through its first presidential election and social media was at an all time high following the January revolution. I was watching Tawfeek Okasha because, well who wasn’t? And I noticed that he was making weird, jerking moves. I decided to add Sesame Street puppets to the video and uploaded it, and it went viral. I wasn’t really sure how or why, but it led me to make a lot more videos, and there was no lack of material; I mean Okasha was on TV every night saying something ridiculous.

I later made more non-Okasha related videos that caught the attention of the media world and I started to receive offers from ELGTV for example, whom I learned a lot from about social media, I worked with them on a show called Photoshop which was later picked up by ONTV

How would you describe your videos?

I'm really not trying to have a message with what I am doing, they’re just a form of entertainment to make you laugh. But technically speaking, they’re spoofs, physical humour and some CGI.

What are you working on now, or what’s next for you?

I am really focused on my main career now, which is animation, and I am hoping that I play an integral part in the growing of the scene in Egypt. But I am also working on an online video game and cartoon episodes.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I like music a lot and I am particularly fond of classic rock circa late 60s/early 70s. I like anything from that era from The Beatles, to Dire Straits and everything in between.

What do you find inspiring, and how can you inspire future generations of Vloggers?

Well, I get mine from Ray Williams’ YouTube channel and Conan O’Brian has a lot of smart skits that are quite original. And as for future YouTubers, I just want to say keep the videos short, and don’t expect a reaction straight away. Be ready to hear negative and positive comments that belittle or praise without losing your focus and centre, and without it affecting your original point of view of your video.

Visit AlSadany's YouTube page and subscribe here if you're in need of a good chuckle fast.