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Young Creators' State Award to Spotlight Under-18 Artists & Creatives

The first edition of the 'Young Creators' State Award' will be awarded to youths under 18 who are able to show off their creativity, whether it's through writing, illustration or music.

Egypt’s First Lady Entissar Al-Sisi launched a new awards programme for young aspiring artists called ‘Young Creators’ State Award’. Youths who are under 18 years old are encouraged to show off their creativity and submit their work - whether it’s a piece of creative writing, an art piece or a musical performance - to the Supreme Council of Culture.

Since 1958 there have only ever been four state prizes for creators; The Encouragement Award, the Appreciation Award, the Excellence Award, and the Nile Award— none of which were for youth or kids.

Contestants must be Egyptian, have no criminal record, and cannot have submitted the same project to another contest or organization. For the full list of conditions, you can check out the Ministry of Culture’s Facebook page.