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Your Kids Can Learn Hieroglyphics in This New Online Course

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities are hosting a weekly Zoom class for children to learn all about the basics of ancient hieroglyphics.


There's a lot of options out there for summer activities that you can sign your kids up for. Sure, dancing and sports are cool, but did you know that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will soon be launching an online hieroglyphics course for children?

The course – which will run from 9th August 2020 to 9th October 2020 – will take place over Zoom once a week, and will teach kids all about the basics of the Ancient Egyptian language.

If you’d like to register, email your kid’s name, age and school year, along with your mobile number at by August 8th 2020 at the absolute latest. But you should hurry up if you want to guarantee a spot, as registration is on a first come, first served basis.