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Stars of El-Gouna Film Festival Show Sombre Side in New Series by Egyptian Photographer Ahmed Hayman

The award-winning Egyptian photographer's unique lens has made for a stunning series.

Owen Wilson by Ahmed Hayman at El-Gouna Film Festival

Award-winning Egyptian photographer, Ahmed Hayman, has made a name for himself with his stunning portraits over the years, and his latest series is no exception to his uniquely revealing lens.

Ahmed Malek and Asser Yasin

The founder of Cairo-based photography gallery, studio and school, Beit El Sura, gets up close and personal with the stream of local and international stars that attended this year's El-Gouna Film Festival, photographing everyone from Owen Wilson, to Saba Mubarak, to Mohamed Mamdouh.

Saba Mubarak

The series strips down the glitz and glam that we see on the red carpet, capturing images that convey a different side to his celebrity subjects.

Sayed Ragab

With most of the actors involved looking away from camera, it's a somber series adds a sense of depth to personalities we think we have come to know - in fact, one photo shows Egyptian actor, Mohamed Farrag, with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Mohamed Farrag

While also celebrated for his travel photography,its Hayman's photography that has so often caught the imagination of fans and appreciators.

Amina Khalil and Tara Emad

Having first feel in love with the medium in 2005, Hayman's path in photography started at Akhbar El Hawades and Al Masry Al Youm, before taking a Visual Storytelling diploma at the Danish School of Media & Journalism in 2011.

Amr Salama

Within a few years, his position as one of the most unique photographers in Egypt began to take shape; he has held several exhibitions in Egypt and abroad and picked up a number of awards on the way.

Mohamed Mamdouh

You can check out the rest of the photos on Hayman's official Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Ahmed Hayman on Instagram.