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20 Students Attempt to Rape Teacher After Refusing to Let Them Cheat

Only two of the boys were caught, while the Minister of Education has called an emergency meeting with the staff at Giza's Talaat Harb School.

Sexual harassment continues to plague Egypt, with the most recent incident involving 20 students attempting to rape their teacher in a public school.

The story spread online with multiple sites covering this terrible story including MBC and Albawab. The incident occurred last Sunday at Talaat Harb School in Giza. During exams, a teacher found 20 of her students attempting to cheat. Angry that their cheating attempts were thwarted, the 20 students tried to rape their teacher as retribution after she stepped out of the school. The gang of monsters managed to rip her clothes but were thankfully stopped by teachers and students who were quick to act on the unfolding horror. Of the 20 boys, only two were caught, while the other 18 managed to scurry away.

Adding insult to injury to this horrific incident was the way the situation was supposedly handled by the school's allocated Department of Education official. Called by the school to address the situation, the official was accompanied by a police officer and two army personnel visited the school the following day. Allegedly, the official decided that the best course of action was to approach one of the students accused of taking part in the rape attempt and slap him in front of the students while they were taking exams. 

The lack of proper action has resulted in the Minister of Education calling a meeting with teachers, and he has allegedly ordered the police to detain the educational administrator who failed to take the necessary actions required in dealing with this serious crime. It is unclear if arrests will be issued to the other 18 assailants who got away.