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$22 Million For 214 Bridges In Dire Need of Maintenance Across Egypt

Serious cash is being dropped to save bridges in Egypt from causing potential tragedies, but is fixing 214 bridges enough when over 700 still need fixing?

One of the harsh everyday realities of Egypt is its frustrating traffic and horrific road accidents. Chances are you have already heard about the terrible conditions of Egyptian bridges as many as 700 bridges in Egypt are at the risk of collapsing. According to Amwal Al Ghad, however, it seems that the General Authority for Roads, Bridges, and Land Transport (GARBLT) will be spending about $22 million on maintaining 214 bridges across Egyptian governorates. 

The decision was reported to Amwal Al Ghad by the Head of GARLBT, Adel Tork, who stated that maintenance is to be implemented as part of the authority's grand plan to upgrade and improve bridges and roads for drivers, which will hopefully decrease the number of frequent accidents which are becoming more and more horrific by the day.

Tork says that the authority has already maintained 448 Km of old roads, spending more than one billion Egyptian pounds. As for the bridges, joint committees with various officials from cities across Egypt have been formed to pinpoint and highlight all existing problems in their respective bridges.

Currently, the 6th of October Bridge has been undergoing maintenance for the past couple of weeks.