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59% Haven't Read Constitution

A report claims that over half of Egypt has not read the proposed constitution, while 1 in 10 don't even know that there's a referendum to begin with.

As the days countdown to the Egyptian constitutional referendum, it has emerged that most Egyptians are planning to vote something they haven't read. Yes, that's right: 59% of people haven't read the new constitution, while 36% said they had only read 'parts' of it. However, what makes the poll even more shocking is the fact that, despite this, more than 7 in 10 Egyptians surveyed plan to vote in favour of the new charter.

Meanwhile three percent will vote against it, and 23 percent are undecided, the report revealed. Worryingly almost one in 10 of those polled had not heard about the referendum. There were also concerns raised about the fairness of the poll - as 12% of respondents claimed that poll would be unfair. 

Here at CairoScene we are firmly of the belief that voting is for squares. However, if you do decide to get off your ass and actually do something to change the future of Egypt then, for the love of Yoda, please check out the constitution before making up your mind. Don't vote blindly otherwise we face a very difficult future indeed.

You can even download an easy-to-read copy of the constitution, in both English and Arabic, if you have an Android phone. Check out the Egypt Constitution app here.

Go on - do it!

Ok, lecture over - there's an article about King Tut's boyparts on the homepage