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8 Crazy Ways the World Reacted to the Iran Nuclear Deal

A historic deal or a chance for hilarity? Either way, the Iranian nuclear deal certainly has people talking.

After 20 months of long, diplomatic, extenuating, seemingly endless, borderline futile talks, Iran and six leading world powers reached today a deal on the Iranian nuclear programme. The idea behind the agreement is that in exchange for limiting its nuclear activities, Iran will get relief from sanctions and be allowed to continue its atomic programme for peaceful purposes.

From netizens storming Twitter with hilarious memes to witty media channels tapping on satire to comment on the historic deal, we wrap up eight rather comically strange reactions to the multilateral bid for peace. 

1. Israeli news site Haaretz hogged the first place as the wittiest punch-line, titling an opinion piece. 

2. Some channels got a bit confused...

3. And the Huffington post claims to have predicted it all along…

4. As the deal was sealed, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Danny Ayalon took the chance to pull out the Holocaust card.

5. And PM Nethanyahu desperately grabbed the occasion to play the part of a live reporter:

6. Strangely enough, he simultaneously thought it timely to open up a Farsi Twitter account (?)

7. In the meantime, Iranians took to Twitter turning Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif's outburst "Never threaten an Iranian" into a meme.



8. And the Twitterverse took the chance for some satire, on all sides.





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