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Alexandrian Hospital Floods With Wastewater

As the flooding crisis continues in Alexandria, a hospital has been forced to evacuated after wastewater caused extensive damage to its ground floor.

The Egypt Independent reports that a psychiatric hospital in Alexandria has been evacuated after being flooded with wastewater from a nearby sewage treatment station. 
“We had to move the patients to upper floors when the ground floor was completely flooded,” Dr Marina Jacob, a resident doctor at the hospital, said. She also explained that the ground floor held the administration offices, and the intensive care unit, also adding that “Drugs worth up to LE 800,000 were damaged.” Archives were also damaged, which the hospital depends on for diagnosis and treatment. 
The wastewater reached a level of 30cm before the evacuation was implemented. Dr. Mohamend Adel told Egypt Independent, “We asked the authorities to remove the water but they failed,” adding that “they tried for seven hours."
Dr. Jacob also said patients in the hospital which were transferred there from prisons had to be sent back. “We called the prisons to take them back,” she said. 
Flooding in Alexandria this season has resulted in heavy property damage and at least seven deaths. 
Alexandria’s governor resigned earlier this month after a massive public outcry against the lack of infrastructure maintenance in Alexandria.