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An Egyptian Businessman Behind Donald Trump’s Campaign?

According to reports, Trump's campaign CEO Stephen Bannon is working in the shadows of an Egyptian businessman's basement.

Meet Stephen Bannon, the American businessman recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Bannon is also executive chairman of Breitbart News, a right-wing media outlet, and has often been accused of turning the conservative outlet into a propaganda arm of the Trump campaign.

It came, therefore, as something of a shock when recent news unveiled ties between Trump’s aide and Mostafa El-Gindy, an Egyptian and Muslim businessman, whose residence is reportedly used as Breibart’s DC headquarters.  According to the Guardian, El-Guindy’s Washington, D.C. home is known as the “Breitbart embassy,” as the newspaper has operated its Washington, D.C. bureau from the house since 2011.  

Given Breitbart’s often demonising portrayal of Islam – not to mention Trump’s narrative on Muslims and Middle Eastern migrants- it appears as a striking irony that behind the scenes of such divisive rhetoric lies the home of a wealthy Middle Eastern foreigner, who also happens to be a former member of parliament.

According to Mediaite, El-Gindy’s fierce opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood and criticism over Obama’s support of the government of Mohamed Morsi could explain the ties, although the undisclosed connection still remains unclear.