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Assassination Attempt Made on Egypt's Former Grand Mufti

Egypt's former leading Muslim cleric, Ali Gomaa, survived an assassination attempt early this morning.

Egypt's former Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, survived an assassination attempt in Cairo this morning, Friday 5th August, according to Al Ahram and state television.

The Muslim cleric, who served as Grand Mufti of Egypt until 2013, was allegedly shot outside of a mosque in 6th of October where he was entering in order to lead Friday morning prayers.

Reuter reports that sources say the cleric was shot at by two men on on motorcycles as he entered the mosque. Though Gomaa was completely unharmed, one of his bodyguards sustained a minor foot injury in the process. 

After the attempt on his life, Gomaa spoke to state television saying, "If Ali Gomaa dies there are millions who will take his place. I gave my sermon right after my survival."