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Ban the Burqa Campaign Disgraces Female Cop

Far-right political group Britain First have done it again...

Political running jokes and perennial laughing stocks Britain First have once again put their feet into their mouths with a poster campaign based around “banning the burqa.” This is nothing new from the far-right political party; in recent years, they have proudly stormed into mosques to tell elderly Muslims that they are the scum of the earth multiple times, but this campaign is something of a new low due to the fact that their example of the niqab being a safety risk appears to a veiled woman holding a pistol. Scary stuff until you use the slightest amount of critical thinking, and realise that, no, that isn’t a scary terrorist that is going to steal your job and kick your dog. No, the image they selected is of Lieutenant Colonel Malalai Kakar, Afghanistan’s first ever female police officer.

Kakar was killed by the Taliban in 2008 due to her high profile as a fighter for equality and an opponent of extremism and terrorism, so Britain First’s implying that she is either a terrorist or an example of how the niqab can be used as a weapon is incredibly offensive, and incredibly stupid.