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Canadian Passenger Attempts To Smuggle 200 Tramadol Bottles Into Cairo International Airport

Somali-Canadian passenger busted at Cairo International Airport for attempting to smuggle 200 bottles of Tramadol on Saturday.

With instances of drug confiscation spiralling across the country, yet another incident of an attempted Tramadol smuggling was foiled on Saturday according to Cairo Post.

A Somali-Canadian passenger was caught at Cairo International Airport upon arrival from the United Arab Emirates with 200 bottles of Tramadol, which is categorised as an illegal substance in Egypt. According to Al Bawaba News, customs personnel Hassan Abdul-Latif noted that he found the passenger to be suspicious and, upon inspecting her and her luggage, found the bottles were found among her clothes in her bag. In addition to the confiscation of the Tramadol bottles, the police filed a report on account of what had happened.

This follows another similar incident that happened on the 6th of last month, where a man was arrested for attempting to smuggle the same substance in the diapers of his two little children at the Cairo International Airport. Similarly, 9 million pills of the substance were confiscated by the police in Port Said, carried by a passenger heading from India to Libya.

This comes at a time where drug smuggling attempts have been increasing at a rapid rate, particularly in regards to Tramadol, for which demand and consumption have been on the rise among Egyptians.