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Daylight Saving Time is Back

It seems Egypt will be reinstating daylight saving time! For a little while at least...

So remember a few years back when Egypt decided to unanimously ditch daylight saving time and stop changing the clocks? Can't say we were too upset with it; meant we didn’t have to deal with the nuisance of adjusting the time on our watches.

But our indecisive nation has changed its mind once again; Egyptian Cabinet spokesperson Hossam El-Qweish announced that Egypt will be re-applying daylight saving time starting May 15th. But wait! The change will be lifted for the period of Ramadan. And then we guess reinstated. So essentially, after a 90-million strong population adjust all their clocks one hour forward on May 15th, they'll then have to change them back again for Ramadan, and then back again once more after the Holy month is over.

We can't quite fathom the possible reason behind these back and forth time changes and we can only imagine it will lead to a lot of annoyance and confusion. Thank you Egyptian government.

Daylight saving time was initially implement in Egypt in 1988 in an attempt to reduce electricity consumption. It was later revealed that it did no such thing and it was cancelled in 2011. Seeing as we have already decided it helps us in all of zero ways, we aren’t sure why we're re-implementing it to begin with, and then on top of that, why not just wait until Ramadan is over to do so instead of forcing an entire nation to change their clocks three times in a time span of less than three months? Perhaps it will work to ensure that our population is actually on time for things for the first time in their lives...