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Donald Trump Mocks Mother of Muslim-American War Hero

Parents of slain Muslim-American war hero are the latest target of The Donald's hateful rhetoric after a speech they gave at DNC 2016.

Donald Trump has just reached a new level of lower-than-low, even by his already depressingly low standards. This time, the Republican presidential nominee’s xenophobic rhetoric has targeted a Muslim-American family whose son served in the U.S. military, and died in a 2004 car bomb attack in Iraq at the age of 27. 

Khizr and Ghazala Khan made a speech last Thursday – the last day of the DNC – at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. In his speech, Khizr Khan denounced Trump for calling to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. when his own son Humayun Khan, a Muslim, died fighting for the nation. Mr. Khan said that Trump has sacrificed nothing and no one for the country.

Trump responded in an ABC interview, saying: "If you look at his wife, she was standing there, […] she had nothing to say... Maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

Criticism was soon to follow. Former president Bill Clinton responded, "I cannot conceive how he can say that about a Gold Star mother.”

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, weighed in by telling AP, "He was kind of trying to turn that into some kind of ridicule. […] It just demonstrates a kind of a temperamental unfitness. If you don't have any more sense of empathy than that, then I'm not sure you can learn it.”

Former democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also voiced his criticism, tweeting that having come from a family of Holocaust survivors, he would do everything in his power to combat racism and Islamophobia in the United States. 

But Democrats weren’t the only ones enraged by his comments - former Republican presidential candidate, and Ohio governor, John Kasich tweeted, "There's only one way to talk about Gold Star parents: with honor and respect. Capt. Khan is a hero. Together, we should pray for his family.”

Just when you think that Trump can't make the world hate his guts any more than it already does, he surprises us. 

(Photo credit: Getty Images)