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Dubai Next is the New Crowdfunding Platform Supporting Startups

The platform comes as one of the latest initiatives launched as part of UAE’s effort supporting SMEs and youth-led entrepreneurial activity.

Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched ‘Dubai Next’ on Wednesday, a digital crowdfunding platform and initiative to foster entrepreneurial merit and support startups.

Emerging entrepreneurs using digital technologies are invited to present their ideas and projects to vast local and global communities, ultimately in order to obtain direct financing or support as they market their business plans and ideas.

“Dubai Next will contribute to stimulating positive competition and encouraging youth to put forward ideas as well as obtain community support through crowdfunding,” Sheikh Hamdan said. “It will also empower a generation that is capable of succeeding in a competitive commercial environment, thus reinforcing the fundamental role of SMEs in economic development so that the UAE can continue to stand as a model for youth empowerment.”

The initiative is part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to spotlight startups and innovative business ideas through programmes supporting entrepreneurship in the city.