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Egypt Among Cheapest Places to Live in the World

A nifty infographic by MoveHub reveals that Egypt offers serious value for money.

If you are a bar-headed goose then your choice of which country to migrate to will most likely depend on thermodynamics. If you are an Emperor penguin then your choice of where to go will depend on ancient mating rituals. If you are a human man or woman then your travel decisions will be based on how cheap you can get drunk (among other less important things)

Now, the folks at have created this wonderful infographic depicting the cost of living across the entire globe. Perfect for our narrow minded, financially-driven human brains to comprehend and possibly act on and the results are very interesting. Did you know Greenland and Venezuela are amongst the most expensive places to live in the world? That ruins our travel plans, especially as Om el Donya is in fact one of the most inexpensive places in the world to live. In fact it's the 7th cheapest country in the world to live, which is strange because it seems the prices for designer labels at Beymen and shots at TIU just keep going up and up. India and Nepal don't cost much to live in, which makes complete sense due to the general consensus that materialism is bad being ingrained in their society's cultural zeitgeist. Check out the infographics below:


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