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Egypt Sends Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

A total of three shipments will be dispatched this week, including 1.2 tons of medical equipment and 18.5 tons of food to be distributed in Arsal.

The nightmare for Syrian refugees continues, but looking to offer some relief is the Egyptian military who has decided to send humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The first of three shipments was dispatched on Tuesday April 14th, with the rest expecting to arrive in the next two days. The humanitarian aid consists of 1.2 tons of medical supplies, 18.5 tons of food, 100 tents, 2,500 blankets and 2,500 pieces of clothing according to the MENA report.

Responsible for distributing the aid to Syrian refugees in the town of Arsal is the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs. This decision is likely the result of a meeting with Lebanese politician Saad Hariri who was in Cairo last month, when President El-Sisi stressed the importance of protecting the Syrian nation without aligning with any party.

As it stands, there is an estimated 1.1 million Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR in Lebanon, while Egypt hosts 140,000 more. With the Syrian conflict showing no sign of ending, one can assume that a lot more aid will be needed.