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Egypt's Journalist Syndicate Holding Protest Right Now

Calling for press freedom, protection and better salaries, Egypt's journalists are out in full force.

Hoping to reverse the erosion of press freedom, Egypt’s Journalists’ Syndicate is planning a day of protest on Wednesday calling for improved press freedoms, job protection, and better pay.

Detailing the specifics, the syndicate's freedoms committee claims the protest will involve a partial strike and sit-in aimed at opposing the jailing of journalists, the disappearance of press freedom, and demanding an increase in salaries, as well protection from arbitrary sacking by newspapers.

An assembly of journalist have formed a committee that will be giving the Egypt’s public prosecutor a report detailing what it describes as violation against detained journalists. The protest plans involve a half-hour strike by journalist this morning, and will be followed by a sit-in from 2pm to 5pm outside the syndicate’s headquarters in downtown Cairo.

Sadly, there is no shortage of cases that require immediate attention as several journalists remain imprisoned for doing nothing more than their job.