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Egypt's Prime Minister Bans Motorcycles in Taba and Ras Sudr, Among Other Sinai Areas

The decree bans all trade of motorcycle spare parts in Central and Northern Sinai to curb militants’ ability to carry out attacks.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail issued a decree banning the entry and use of motorcycles in Central and Northern Sinai for one year, which can be extended for another year, Al Ahram reports.

The ban includes Sinai tourist destinations such as Taba and Ras Sudr, among other areas in the peninsula. It also widens the ban on the trade and use of any motorcycle spare parts.

Motorbikes are widely used by militants to launch attacks on police and army forces in the ongoing insurgency in northern Sinai, which has taken the lives of hundreds of civilians, officers, and army personnel.

The decree follows a similar one issued previously by President Abdul Fattah Al-Sissi in 2015, in which he banned 4x4 vehicles in the peninsula after they were used for repeated attacks on security forces.

Photo: Tahrir News