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Egypt's Red Sea Slums To Get $37.6m Facelift

Minister of Housing has stated in a report that slums in Egypt's beautiful Red Sea will finally be addressed and given a facelift.

The Red Sea is preparing for a $37.6 million makeover of the slums according to a report by the Egyptian government.

With the exception of the Red Sea touristic hubs, the area is often overlooked and continues to deteriorate. Hoping to give the area a much-needed makeover, the Egyptian government will be launching development schemes to revitalize slums in Ras Gharib, Hurghada, Safaga and Al-Qusayr, according to Amwal Alghad.

The report citing Minister of Housing, Moustafa Madbouly, allegedly claims that the plan will build around 250 homes and 30 new buildings in the Rawada district of Hurghada. As for Safaga, the plan is to build 174 homes and three buildings, while in Al Qusayr city calls for 36 housing units to be constructed.

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